Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Beautiful Baja Peninsula

Baja peninsula provided some of our favorite campsites and scenery of the trip. Words couldn't possibly do the desolate beauty justice, so we have decided to let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.

our first campsite off the ferry
complete with white sand and turquoise water
and a flying site

Cade found a cactus

"I can see the van from here"

post flight cool down

our first Baja sunset

packing up
Chomo is getting old

they said there is supposed to be a
campsite down here somewhere
washboards are hard on horns

the sun is setting and we are still looking

our Agua Verde oasis

tired of driving, take a flying break
camping paradise
dinner time

new friends

lazy morning

monkeying around

vulture buddy


one last look back at our palapa

open road
another crowded beach

Chomito's new addition

playa art

a local cafe in Guerrero Negro making Chomo feel self conscious 

Sand dunes!

on the road again

Dr. Suess trees

cactus arms

Baja gas stations are far apart but at least they have these in between

sunset soaring session

in line helado to prepare for US customs

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